Character Education

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    Each Monthly Character Education Curriculum and Family Newsletter contains lessons, videos and activities on Broward's eight character traits. These traits promote positive behavior and create a safer and more respectful learning environment for our students.

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  • Congratulations to the Kids, Staff and Schools of Character Winners

    Congratulations to the Broward County students and staff who are recognized for their outstanding positive behaviors and efforts in providing services, supports, and activities that promote character development. These students and staff create a safe and secure learning environment and are to be commended. 

    Know a Kid of Character?   Nominate them for an award today!  Contact us at 754-321-1655 to find out more.

  • Character in Motion

    Throughout the course of the school year, we will be featuring pictures and stories of students, faculty, staff, parents, families and members of the community as they are “caught in the act of displaying their highest and best character”. The energy that is produced by the flutter of the wings of a sole butterfly can travel around the globe. Imagine the energy that our actions of exemplary character can do to create a climate of positive change not only within our schools, homes and community, but also as it moves around the world!

    HERE COME THE CONQUERORS OF CHARACTER!  “The Conquerors” is a team of incredibly talented athletes who use feats of strength to captivate audiences worldwide. Broward County has collaborated with this great group of individuals to develop an outstanding partnership that celebrates the demonstration of good CHARACTER!  This year’s tour was a huge success and taught our students that Character DOES Count!! Click Here to See Conquerors Video