Elementary Schools

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Atlantic West Elementary Elementary Schools http://atlanticwest.browardschools.com/ atlanticwest TRUE 1
Banyan Elementary Elementary Schools http://banyan.browardschools.com/ banyan TRUE 1
Bayview Elementary Elementary Schools http://bayview.browardschools.com/ /bayview TRUE 1
Bennett Elementary Elementary Schools http://bennett.browardschools.com/ bennett TRUE 1
Boulevard Heights Elementary Elementary Schools http://boulevardheights.browardschools.com boulevardheights TRUE 1
Broadview Elementary Elementary Schools http://broadview.browardschools.com/ broadview TRUE 1
Broward Estates Elementary Elementary Schools http://browardestates.browardschools.com/ browardestates TRUE 1
C. Robert Markham Elementary Elementary Schools https://www.browardschools.com/markham markham TRUE 1
Castle Hill Elementary Elementary Schools http://castlehill.browardschools.com castlehill TRUE 1
Central Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://centralpark.browardschools.com centralpark TRUE 1
Challenger Elementary Elementary Schools http://challenger.browardschools.com challenger TRUE 1
Chapel Trail Elementary Elementary Schools http://chapeltrail.browardschools.com chapeltrail TRUE 1
Charles Drew Elementary Elementary Schools http://charlesdrewelem.browardschools.com charlesdrew TRUE 1
Coconut Creek Elementary Elementary Schools http://coconutcreekelem.browardschools.com coconutcreekelem TRUE 1
Coconut Palm Elementary Elementary Schools http://coconutpalm.browardschools.com coconutpalm TRUE 1
Colbert Museum Magnet Elementary Schools http://colbert.browardschools.com colbert TRUE 1
Collins Elementary Elementary Schools http://collins.browardschools.com/ collins TRUE 1
Cooper City Elementary Elementary Schools http://coopercityelem.browardschools.com coopercityelem TRUE 1
Coral Cove Elementary Elementary Schools http://coralcove.browardschools.com coralcove TRUE 1
Coral Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://coralpark.browardschools.com/ coralpark TRUE 1
Country Hills Elementary Elementary Schools http://countryhills.browardschools.com countryhills TRUE 1
Country Isles Elementary Elementary Schools http://countryisles.browardschools.com countryisles TRUE 1
Cresthaven Elementary Elementary Schools http://cresthaven.browardschools.com cresthaven TRUE 1
Croissant Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://croissantpark.browardschools.com/ croissantpark TRUE 1
Cypress Elementary Elementary Schools http://cypress.browardschools.com/ cypress TRUE 1
Dania Elementary Elementary Schools http://dania.browardschools.com/ dania TRUE 1
Davie Elementary Elementary Schools http://davie.browardschools.com davie TRUE 1
Deerfield Beach Elementary Elementary Schools http://deerfieldbeachelem.browardschools.com/ deerfieldbeachelem TRUE 1
Deerfield Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://deerfieldpark.browardschools.com deerfieldpark TRUE 1
Dillard Elementary Elementary Schools http://dillardelem.browardschools.com dillardelem TRUE 1
Discovery Elementary Elementary Schools http://discovery.browardschools.com discovery TRUE 1
Dolphin Bay Elementary Elementary Schools http://dolphinbay.browardschools.com dolphinbay TRUE 1
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Montessori Academy Elementary Schools http://mlking.browardschools.com mlking TRUE 1
Driftwood Elementary Elementary Schools http://driftwoodelem.browardschools.com driftwoodelem TRUE 1
Eagle Point Elementary Elementary Schools http://eaglepoint.browardschools.com eaglepoint TRUE 1
Eagle Ridge Elementary Elementary Schools http://eagleridge.browardschools.com eagleridge TRUE 1
Embassy Creek Elementary Elementary Schools http://embassycreek.browardschools.com embassycreek TRUE 1
Endeavour Primary Learning Center Elementary Schools http://endeavourprimarylearning.browardschools.com endeavourprimarylearning TRUE 1
Everglades Elementary Elementary Schools http://evergladeselem.browardschools.com/ evergladeselem TRUE 1
Fairway Elementary Elementary Schools http://fairway.browardschools.com fairway TRUE 1
Flamingo Elementary Elementary Schools http://flamingo.browardschools.com flamingo TRUE 1
Floranada Elementary Elementary Schools http://floranada.browardschools.com/ floranada TRUE 1
Forest Hills Elementary Elementary Schools http://foresthills.browardschools.com foresthills TRUE 1
Fox Trail Elementary Elementary Schools http://foxtrail.browardschools.com foxtrail TRUE 1
Gator Run Elementary Elementary Schools http://gatorrun.browardschools.com gatorrun TRUE 1
Griffin Elementary Elementary Schools http://griffin.browardschools.com griffin TRUE 1
Gulfstream Early Learning Center Elementary Schools https://www.browardschools.com/gulfstreamearlylearningcenter gulfstreamearlylearningcenter TRUE 1
Harbordale Elementary Elementary Schools http://harbordale.browardschools.com harbordale TRUE 1
Hawkes Bluff Elementary Elementary Schools http://hawkesbluff.browardschools.com hawkesbluff TRUE 1
Heron Heights Elementary Elementary Schools http://heronheights.browardschools.com heronheights TRUE 1
Hollywood Central Elementary Elementary Schools http://hollywoodcentral.browardschools.com hollywoodcentral TRUE 1
Hollywood Hills Elementary Elementary Schools http://hollywoodhillselem.browardschools.com/ hollywoodhillselem TRUE 1
Hollywood Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://hollywoodpark.browardschools.com/ hollywoodpark TRUE 1
Horizon Elementary Elementary Schools http://horizon.browardschools.com horizon TRUE 1
Indian Trace Elementary Elementary Schools http://indiantrace.browardschools.com indiantrace TRUE 1
James S. Hunt Elementary Elementary Schools http://hunt.browardschools.com hunt TRUE 1
Lake Forest Elementary Elementary Schools http://lakeforest.browardschools.com lakeforest TRUE 1
Lakeside Elementary Elementary Schools http://lakeside.browardschools.com lakeside TRUE 1
Larkdale Elementary Elementary Schools http://larkdale.browardschools.com larkdale TRUE 1
Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary Elementary Schools http://lauderhillpaulturnerelem.browardschools.com/ lauderhillpaulturnerelem TRUE 1
Liberty Elementary Elementary Schools http://liberty.browardschools.com liberty TRUE 1
Lloyd Estates Elementary Elementary Schools http://lloydestates.browardschools.com lloydestates TRUE 1
Manatee Bay Elementary Elementary Schools http://manateebay.browardschools.com manateebay TRUE 1
Maplewood Elementary Elementary Schools http://maplewood.browardschools.com maplewood TRUE 1
Margate Elementary Elementary Schools http://margateelem.browardschools.com margateelem TRUE 1
Mary M. Bethune Elementary Elementary Schools http://bethune.browardschools.com/ bethune TRUE 1
McNab Elementary Elementary Schools http://mcnab.browardschools.com mcnab TRUE 1
Meadowbrook Elementary Elementary Schools http://meadowbrook.browardschools.com meadowbrook TRUE 1
Miramar Elementary Elementary Schools http://miramarelem.browardschools.com miramarelem TRUE 1
Mirror Lake Elementary Elementary Schools http://mirrorlake.browardschools.com mirrorlake TRUE 1
Morrow Elementary Elementary Schools http://morrow.browardschools.com/ morrow TRUE 1
Nob Hill Elementary Elementary Schools http://nobhill.browardschools.com nobhill TRUE 1
Norcrest Elementary Elementary Schools http://norcrest.browardschools.com norcrest TRUE 1
North Andrews Gardens Elementary School of the Arts Elementary Schools http://northandrews.browardschools.com northandrews TRUE 1
North Fork Elementary Elementary Schools https://www.browardschools.com/northfork northfork TRUE 1
North Side Elementary Elementary Schools http://northside.browardschools.com/ northside TRUE 1
Nova Blanche Forman Elementary Elementary Schools http://novablancheforman.browardschools.com novablancheforman TRUE 1
Nova Eisenhower Elementary Elementary Schools http://novaeisenhower.browardschools.com novaeisenhower TRUE 1
Oakland Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://oaklandpark.browardschools.com oaklandpark TRUE 1
Oakridge Elementary Elementary Schools http://oakridge.browardschools.com/ oakridge TRUE 1
Orange Brook Elementary Elementary Schools http://orangebrook.browardschools.com orangebrook TRUE 1
Oriole Elementary Elementary Schools http://oriole.browardschools.com oriole TRUE 1
Palm Cove Elementary Elementary Schools http://palmcove.browardschools.com palmcove TRUE 1
Palmview Elementary Elementary Schools http://palmview.browardschools.com palmview TRUE 1
Panther Run Elementary Elementary Schools http://pantherrun.browardschools.com pantherrun TRUE 1
Park Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://parklakes.browardschools.com parklakes TRUE 1
Park Ridge Elementary Elementary Schools http://parkridge.browardschools.com parkridge TRUE 1
Park Springs Elementary Elementary Schools http://parksprings.browardschools.com parksprings TRUE 1
Park Trails Elementary Elementary Schools http://parktrails.browardschools.com/ parktrails TRUE 1
Parkside Elementary Elementary Schools http://parkside.browardschools.com parkside TRUE 1
Pasadena Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://pasadenalakes.browardschools.com pasadenalakes TRUE 1
Pembroke Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://pembrokelakes.browardschools.com pembrokelakes TRUE 1
Pembroke Pines Elementary Elementary Schools http://pembrokepines.browardschools.com pembrokepines TRUE 1
Peters Elementary Elementary Schools http://peters.browardschools.com peters TRUE 1
Pines Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://pineslakes.browardschools.com pineslakes TRUE 1
Pinewood Elementary Elementary Schools http://pinewood.browardschools.com/ pinewood TRUE 1
Plantation Elementary Elementary Schools http://plantationelem.browardschools.com plantationelem TRUE 1
Plantation Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://plantationpark.browardschools.com/ plantationpark TRUE 1
Pompano Beach Elementary Elementary Schools http://pompanobeachelem.browardschools.com pompanobeach TRUE 1
Quiet Waters Elementary Elementary Schools http://quietwaters.browardschools.com quietwaters TRUE 1
Ramblewood Elementary Elementary Schools http://ramblewoodelem.browardschools.com ramblewood TRUE 1
Riverglades Elementary Elementary Schools http://riverglades.browardschools.com riverglades TRUE 1
Riverland Elementary Elementary Schools http://riverland.browardschools.com riverland TRUE 1
Riverside Elementary Elementary Schools http://riverside.browardschools.com riverside TRUE 1
Rock Island Elementary Elementary Schools http://rockisland.browardschools.com rockisland TRUE 1
Royal Palm STEM Museum Magnet Elementary Schools http://royalpalm.browardschools.com/ royalpalm TRUE 1
Sanders Park Elementary Magnet Elementary Schools http://sanderspark.browardschools.com sanderspark TRUE 1
Sandpiper Elementary Elementary Schools http://sandpiper.browardschools.com sandpiper TRUE 1
Sawgrass Elementary Elementary Schools http://sawgrass.browardschools.com sawgrass TRUE 1
Sea Castle Elementary Elementary Schools http://seacastle.browardschools.com seacastle TRUE 1
Sheridan Hills Elementary Elementary Schools http://sheridanhills.browardschools.com sheridanhills TRUE 1
Sheridan Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://sheridanpark.browardschools.com sheridanpark TRUE 1
Silver Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://silverlakeselem.browardschools.com/ silverlakeselem TRUE 1
Silver Palms Elementary Elementary Schools http://silverpalms.browardschools.com silverpalmsele TRUE 1
Silver Ridge Elementary Elementary Schools http://silverridge.browardschools.com silverridge TRUE 1
Silver Shores Elementary Elementary Schools http://silvershores.browardschools.com/ silvershores TRUE 1
Stephen Foster Elementary Elementary Schools http://stephenfoster.browardschools.com stephenfoster TRUE 1
Stirling Elementary School Elementary Schools http://stirling.browardschools.com/ stirling TRUE 1
Sunland Park Academy Elementary Schools http://sunlandpark.browardschools.com sunlandpark TRUE 1
Sunset Lakes Elementary Elementary Schools http://sunsetlakes.browardschools.com sunsetlakes TRUE 1
Sunshine Elementary Elementary Schools http://sunshine.browardschools.com sunshine TRUE 1
Tamarac Elementary Elementary Schools http://tamaracelem.browardschools.com tamaracelem TRUE 1
Tedder Elementary Elementary Schools http://tedder.browardschools.com tedder TRUE 1
Thurgood Marshall Elementary Elementary Schools http://thurgoodmarshall.browardschools.com thurgoodmarshall TRUE 1
Tradewinds Elementary Elementary Schools http://tradewinds.browardschools.com tradewinds TRUE 1
Tropical Elementary Elementary Schools http://tropical.browardschools.com tropical TRUE 1
Village Elementary Elementary Schools http://village.browardschools.com village TRUE 1
Virginia Shuman Young Montessori Elementary Schools http://virginiayoung.browardschools.com virginiayoung TRUE 1
Walker Elementary Elementary Schools http://walker.browardschools.com walker TRUE 1
Watkins Elementary Elementary Schools http://watkins.browardschools.com watkins TRUE 1
Welleby Elementary Elementary Schools http://welleby.browardschools.com welleby TRUE 1
West Hollywood Elementary Elementary Schools http://westhollywood.browardschools.com westhollywood TRUE 1
Westchester Elementary Elementary Schools http://westchester.browardschools.com westchester TRUE 1
Westwood Heights Elementary Elementary Schools http://westwoodheights.browardschools.com westwoodheights TRUE 1
Wilton Manors Elementary Elementary Schools http://wiltonmanors.browardschools.com wiltonmanors TRUE 1
Winston Park Elementary Elementary Schools http://winstonpark.browardschools.com winstonpark TRUE 1

Middle Schools

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Apollo Middle Middle Schools http://apollo.browardschools.com/ apollo TRUE 2
Attucks Middle Middle Schools http://attucks.browardschools.com attucks TRUE 2
Bair Middle Middle Schools http://bair.browardschools.com/ bair TRUE 2
Coral Springs Middle Middle Schools http://coralspringsmid.browardschools.com coralspringsmid TRUE 2
Crystal Lake Middle Middle Schools http://crystallake.browardschools.com crystallake TRUE 2
Deerfield Beach Middle Middle Schools http://deerfieldbeachmid.browardschools.com deerfieldbeachmid TRUE 2
Driftwood Middle Middle Schools http://driftwoodmid.browardschools.com driftwoodmid TRUE 2
Falcon Cove Middle Middle Schools http://falconcove.browardschools.com falconcove TRUE 2
Forest Glen Middle Middle Schools http://forestglen.browardschools.com forestglen TRUE 2
Glades Middle Middle Schools http://glades.browardschools.com glades TRUE 2
Indian Ridge Middle Middle Schools http://indianridge.browardschools.com indianridge TRUE 2
James S. Rickards Middle Middle Schools http://rickards.browardschools.com rickards TRUE 2
Lauderdale Lakes Middle Middle Schools http://lauderdalelakes.browardschools.com/ lauderdalelakes TRUE 2
Lyons Creek Middle Middle Schools http://lyonscreek.browardschools.com lyonscreek TRUE 2
Margate Middle Middle Schools http://margate.browardschools.com margate TRUE 2
McNicol Middle Magnet Middle Schools http://mcnicol.browardschools.com mcnicol TRUE 2
New Renaissance Middle Middle Schools http://newrenaissance.browardschools.com/ newrenaissance TRUE 2
New River Middle Middle Schools http://newriver.browardschools.com newriver TRUE 2
Nova Middle Middle Schools http://novamid.browardschools.com novamid TRUE 2
Olsen Middle Middle Schools http://olsen.browardschools.com olsen TRUE 2
Parkway Middle Middle Schools http://parkway.browardschools.com parkway TRUE 2
Pines Middle Middle Schools http://pines.browardschools.com/ pines TRUE 2
Pioneer Middle Middle Schools http://pne.browardschools.com/ pne TRUE 2
Plantation Middle Middle Schools http://plantationmiddle.browardschools.com/ plantationmiddle TRUE 2
Pompano Beach Middle Middle Schools http://pompanobeachmid.browardschools.com pompanobeachmid TRUE 2
Ramblewood Middle Middle Schools http://ramblewoodmid.browardschools.com ramblewoodmid TRUE 2
Sawgrass Springs Middle Middle Schools http://ssm.browardschools.com ssm TRUE 2
Seminole Middle Middle Schools http://seminole.browardschools.com seminole TRUE 2
Silver Lakes Middle Middle Schools http://silverlakes.browardschools.com silverlakes TRUE 2
Silver Trail Middle Middle Schools http://silvertrail.browardschools.com silvertrail TRUE 2
Sunrise Middle Middle Schools http://sunrise.browardschools.com sunrise TRUE 2
Tequesta Trace Middle Middle Schools http://tequestatrace.browardschools.com tequestatrace TRUE 2
Walter C. Young Middle Middle Schools http://waltercyoung.browardschools.com waltercyoung TRUE 2
Westglades Middle Middle Schools http://westglades.browardschools.com/ westglades TRUE 2
Westpine Middle Middle Schools http://westpine.browardschools.com westpine TRUE 2
William Dandy Middle Middle Schools http://williamdandy.browardschools.com williamdandy TRUE 2

High Schools

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Atlantic Technical High High Schools http://atlantictechnicalhigh.browardschools.com atlantictechhigh TRUE 3
Blanche Ely High High Schools http://blancheely.browardschools.com/ blancheely TRUE 3
Boyd H. Anderson High High Schools http://boydanderson.browardschools.com/ boydanderson TRUE 3
Charles W. Flanagan High High Schools http://flanagan.browardschools.com flanagan TRUE 3
Coconut Creek High High Schools http://coconutcreekhigh.browardschools.com/ coconutcreekhigh TRUE 3
College Academy at Broward College High Schools http://collegeacademy.browardschools.com/ collegeacademy TRUE 3
Cooper City High High Schools http://coopercityhigh.browardschools.com coopercityhigh TRUE 3
Coral Glades High High Schools https://www.browardschools.com/coralglades coralgladeshigh TRUE 3
Coral Springs High High Schools http://coralspringshigh.browardschools.com/ coralspringshigh TRUE 3
Cypress Bay High High Schools http://cypressbay.browardschools.com cypressbay TRUE 3
Deerfield Beach High High Schools http://deerfieldbeachhigh.browardschools.com deerfieldbeachhigh TRUE 3
Dillard High 6 - 12 High Schools http://dillardhigh.browardschools.com dillardhigh FALSE 3
Everglades High High Schools http://evergladeshigh.browardschools.com evergladeshigh TRUE 3
Fort Lauderdale High High Schools http://fortlauderdale.browardschools.com fortlauderdale TRUE 3
Hallandale Magnet High High Schools http://hallandalehigh.browardschools.com/ hallandalehigh TRUE 3
Hollywood Hills High High Schools http://hollywoodhillshigh.browardschools.com/ hollywoodhillshigh TRUE 3
J. P. Taravella High High Schools http://taravella.browardschools.com taravella TRUE 3
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High High Schools http://stonemandouglas.browardschools.com/ stonemandouglas TRUE 3
McArthur High High Schools http://mcarthur.browardschools.com/ mcarthur TRUE 3
Miramar High High Schools http://miramarhigh.browardschools.com miramarhigh TRUE 3
Monarch High High Schools http://monarch.browardschools.com monarch TRUE 3
Northeast High High Schools http://northeast.browardschools.com/ northeast TRUE 3
Nova High High Schools http://novahigh.browardschools.com novahigh TRUE 3
Piper High School High Schools http://piper.browardschools.com/ piper TRUE 3
Plantation High High Schools http://plantationhigh.browardschools.com/ plantationhigh TRUE 3
Pompano Beach High High Schools http://pompanobeachhigh.browardschools.com pompanobeachhigh TRUE 3
Seagull Alternative High High Schools http://seagull.browardschools.com seagull TRUE 3
Sheridan Technical High High Schools http://sheridantechhigh.browardschools.com sheridantechhigh TRUE 3
South Broward High High Schools http://southbroward.browardschools.com southbroward TRUE 3
South Plantation High High Schools http://southplantation.browardschools.com southplantation TRUE 3
Stranahan High High Schools http://stranahan.browardschools.com/ stranahan TRUE 3
West Broward High High Schools http://westbroward.browardschools.com westbroward TRUE 3
Western High High Schools http://western.browardschools.com western TRUE 3
William T. McFatter Technical High High Schools http://mcfattertechhigh.browardschools.com mcfattertechhigh TRUE 3

Combination Schools

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Annabel C. Perry PK-8 Combination Schools http://perryelem.browardschools.com perryelem TRUE 4
Beachside Montessori Village Combination Schools http://beachsidemontessori.browardschools.com beachside TRUE 4
Coral Springs Pre K-8 Combination Schools http://coralspringselem.browardschools.com coralspringselem TRUE 4
Dillard High 6 - 12 Combination Schools http://dillardhigh.browardschools.com dillardhigh TRUE 4
Gulfstream Academy of Hallandale Beach Combination Schools http://gulfstreamacademy.browardschools.com/ gulfstreamacademy TRUE 4
Lauderhill 6 - 12 Combination Schools http://lauderhill612.browardschools.com lauderhill612 TRUE 4
Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy Combination Schools http://millennium.browardschools.com millennium TRUE 4
North Lauderdale Pre K - 8 Combination Schools http://northlauderdale.browardschools.com northlauderdale TRUE 4


School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Bright Horizons Center Centers http://brighthorizons.browardschools.com/ brighthorizons TRUE 5
Cross Creek School Centers http://crosscreek.browardschools.com crosscreek TRUE 5
Cypress Run Education Center Centers http://cypressrun.browardschools.com cypressrun TRUE 5
Dave Thomas Education Center Centers http://davethomas.browardschools.com davethomas TRUE 5
Hallandale Adult Community Center Centers http://www.henrydperryeducationcenter.com/ hallandaleadultcommunitycenter FALSE 5
Henry D. Perry Education Center Centers http://www.henrydperryeducationcenter.com/ perryeducationctr TRUE 5
Lanier James Education Center Centers http://lanierjames.browardschools.com lanierjames TRUE 5
Pine Ridge Education Center Centers http://pineridge.browardschools.com pineridge TRUE 5
The Quest Center Centers http://thequest.browardschools.com thequest TRUE 5
Whiddon-Rogers Education Center Centers http://whiddonrogers.browardschools.com whiddonrogers TRUE 5
Whispering Pines Center Centers http://whisperingpines.browardschools.com whisperingpines TRUE 5
Wingate Oaks Center Centers http://wingateoaksctr.browardschools.com wingateoaksctr TRUE 5

Broward Technical Colleges

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Atlantic Technical College Broward Technical Colleges http://www.atlantictechnicalcollege.edu/ atlantictechcollege TRUE 6
Sheridan Technical College Broward Technical Colleges http://www.sheridantechnicalcollege.edu/ sheridantechcollege TRUE 6
William T. McFatter Technical College Broward Technical Colleges http://www.mcfattertechnicalcollege.edu/ mcfattertechcollege TRUE 6

Broward Virtual School

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Broward Virtual Broward Virtual School http://www.bved.net/ bved TRUE 7

Adult Education

School Type Website Friendly Web Address Visible Sort
Broward Community Schools Adult Education http://www.browardcommunityschools.com/ browardcommunityschools TRUE 8
Broward Community Schools not displayed Adult Education http://browardcommunityschools.aiprx.com/ browardcommunityschools FALSE 8