2021-22 Boundary Process Timeline

  • Florida statutes 1001.41 and 1001.42 give School Boards the power and duty of assigning students to schools.

    To equitably serve our large student population while complying with local policy Inter-local Agreement (ILA) which is a requirement for financial viability in the District’s 5-year capital plan (DEFP) and state mandated Class Size Reduction it is necessary to review schools’ geographic attendance areas on an annual basis for potential changes.

    During this review communities have several opportunities to provide input on all school attendance areas through conversations that consider community values and data (e.g. student population projections) to balance enrollment at our schools.

    The process concludes when the School Board votes to adopt the school boundaries for the following school year (2021/22).

    2021/22 Boundary Process Currently Unavailable

2021/22 Boundary Recommendations Memo

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