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  • COVID-19 Update 

    BCPS is closed from March 16th until further notice, to promote physical distancing due to the presence of novel Coronavirus in Broward County.
    From March 20 - March 27, BCPS is on Spring Break.
    Learning resumes on Monday, March 30, and students should:
    • Report to school by going to
    • Report to your classroom by clicking on the Canvas tile on your dashboard
    • You will find directions, including when your teacher will be on-line, in your “Canvas Classroom”
    • Elementary students will find a separate Canvas course for their specials
    • Middle & High School students will find a separate Canvas course for each class
    It is strongly advised that all students, teachers, and parents prepare for an extended period of on-line learning.  Updates on numerous other academic topics, including significant details on by grade band, support program, and parent support are at BCPS Learning Never Closes

    Go to Broward Schools Coronavirus or Learning Under Covid-19 for updates


    The Department of Secondary Learning services 116,145 students across Broward County’s 76 middle schools, high schools, and educational centers. This department is dedicated to ensuring the development of a rigorous curriculum across all academic content areas, the selection of appropriate and research-based educational resources, the implementation of classroom tools necessary for student entry into digital citizenship, and the professional development of teachers and administrators in the pedagogy needed to guide students to college-career-life readiness.

    The focus of the Department of Secondary Learning falls heavily on the seamless transition of student curriculum from the elementary schools into the district’s middle schools, as well as the vertical alignment and matriculation of students, resources, and academic pathways from the middle schools into the high schools. We offer a multitude of opportunities for Broward students to accelerate their education via Advanced Placement coursework in all content areas, dual enrollment college courses, academic competitions at the local, regional, state, and national levels, just to name a few.

  • To learn more about Middle and High School Curriculum visit the pages below.


    Middle School


    High School


  • The Department of Secondary Learning subscribes to the philosophy that all students deserve the right to build an educational resume that suits their personal goals and needs. We design curriculum for all students—from those that are looking for additional assistance to those that that need to accelerate beyond the boundaries of traditional grade levels. Whether moving onto higher education or preparing for a rewarding career, Broward students are provided the resources, teachers, and educational guidance to find success in all of their future endeavors.

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