Teacher Induction for Effectiveness and Retention (T.I.E.R.)

  • T.I.E.R Mentors

    Teacher Induction for Effectiveness and Retention (T.I.E.R.) provides a school-based instructional support system for teachers new to the profession. The new educator support is weekly through a school-based T.I.E.R. Mentor, along with monthly support meetings facilitated by the T.I.E.R. School Liaison. T.I.E.R. is designed to be unique to each school, and is research-based with norms of inquiry and trust supporting new educators in building their craft.

New Teacher Support

  • T.I.E.R. Goals are to Provide:

    • T.I.E.R. Mentors: for individual and differentiated support with classroom management, instructional strategies, lesson content and design, as well as formative assessment feedback for instructional effectiveness.
    • T.I.E.R. Liaisons: who add support with school-wide initiatives, state and district information, school-norms, and organizational culture.


    New Teacher Orientation


    Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) works collaboratively with the Broward Teachers Union in providing an annual New Teacher Orientation. All new teachers to BCPS are required to attend this one-day event. School T.I.E.R. Liaisons and school BTU Representatives are able to provide more information.


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