Annual Innovative Ideas & Major Accomplishments

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    The core mission statement of the Facility Planning and Real Estate Department is “continuously strive to improve on our best efforts”. The tool the Department utilizes to achieving this core statement is that the first item listed on its weekly Departmental meeting agenda; the item titled “New Idea/Solution”. Thus, at the onset of staff meetings, staff is asked if they have a “New Idea/Solution” that could be considered and implemented that could allow the Department to improve its existing procedures/practices, or which would allow the Department to achieve suggested innovative idea and consider it as a major accomplishment. Based on staff input and additional debate on the proposed idea, the Department makes necessary changes to its existing procedures/practices, or undertakes new projects that result in cost savings to Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) and additionally it enhance the quality of service the Department provides to its customers.

    Since the inception of this practice in 2010, the majority of the innovative ideas that staff has brought forth has either resulted in significant cost savings to BCPS, or generated new revenue for BCPS. At other times, it has led to efforts that would enable BCPS to adopt cutting edge technology in its procedures that would result in significant long-term cost savings, revolutionize processes across various BCPS departments, and alter for good the manner in which the BCPS delivers services to pertinent customers.

    Ultimately at the end of each year, the Facility Planning and Real Estate Department lists on its website, innovative/new ideas that have been successfully implemented and considered as major accomplishments.

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