Get Involved

Elementary, middle, and high school students working at their group levels in a club
  • Clubs and organizations are a great way to help develop character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career, and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club or organization. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and boost your college resumé.

  • Chorus

    Sponsor: Mr. Antonio Williams
    Meeting Location: Music Room 302.

    For more Information regarding Chorus Club, please contact Mr. Antonio Williams via email by going to the School Staff Directory.

  • Dance

    Sponsor: Benita Small-Williams

    The Dance Club will allow our students to express themselves through music and dance.

    Meeting Location: Room 415
                      Day(s): TBA 
                     Hours:  3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    For more information regarding the Dance Club, please call the school at754-322-8600

  • Debate

    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Thomas

    Location: Room 131.

    Debate is a club where students learn effective communication and debate skills.

  • Drama

    Sponsor:  Mr. Michael Thomas

    Drama Club focuses on students developing fluency, vocabulary, and confidence as they practice for a readers' theater performance.

    Meeting Location: School Cafeteria Rm. 163/Room 131.
                    Day(s):  Thursdays
                    Hours:   3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    For more information regarding Drama Club or to check availability for your child, please contact Mr. Michael Thomas by email by selecting School Staff Directory.

  • Gardening

    Sponsors: Ms. Maryse Alexis, Ms. Valerie Cohen, and Mr. Michael Thomas 

    Gardening Club allows students to reconnect with the natural world and teach them valuable gardening and agricultural concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art, health, physical education, and social studies, as well as several educational goals, including personal and social responsibility.

    Meeting Location: TBA.
                       Days: TBA.
                     Hours:  TBA.

    For more information regarding Gardening Club, please, contact our sponsors by email by selecting School Staff Directory.

  • Morning Announcements (WTAM)

    Coach: Jessica Glass

    Tamarac Elementary streams a live broadcasting of morning announcements called "WTAM". Our school news provides students with a platform to engage with their peers, teachers, and the wider school community. By delivering announcements and sharing important news, students contribute to building a sense of belonging and school spirit at Tamarac Elementary. 

    Meeting Location: Room 116D.

                     Day(s): M-F .
                     Hours: 9:05 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. ..

    For more information regarding Robotics Club, or to check availability for your child, Please contact Ms. Jessica Glass by email by selecting School Staff Directory.

  • Safety Patrol

     Safety Patrol Club

    Tamarac Elementary Safety Patrols are an exceptional group of young leaders. Patrols are highly selected and recommended by their homeroom teacher to represent high standards both during and after school hours. Students are introduced to strategic leadership styles that lend themselves to enhancing our school's morals, values, and student relationships.