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    Below are listed various SUMMER READING/ASSIGNMENTS

    General Summer Reading List

    All Students:  Please check out for links to resources on SAT, ACT, AP, and many other educational helplines.  Also, try out SAT practice questions at  Suggestion:  Do a web search on 100 Words Every High School Freshman Should Know.  Look at the word list.  See how many of the words you know.  Look up words you don't to get a head start on the school year.  Also, keep a journal of thoughts, reflections, and daily musings during the summer.

    AP Students:  Download the APLAC-Essential Terms attachment.  Many of the terms are geared toward AP English Language and Composition, but there are also links that will be helpful for AP English Literature and Composition.  AP Literature students should also study the List of AP Literary Terms in preparation for the upcoming school year.  AP Language students study the Rhetorical Vocabulary Terms.

    All Students:  For suggested summer reading, go to and check out the list of books.  Suggested grade levels:  

    1. To Kill a Mockingbird (9th)
    2. Their Eyes Were Watching God (11th)
    3. 1984 (12th)
    4. Brave New World (12th)
    5. The Great Gatsby (11th)
    6. Dracula (any)
    7. Les Miserables (10th)
    8. The Grapes of Wrath (10th)
    9. The Things They Carried (11th)
    10. A Prayer for Owen Meany (any)

    Download the Major Works Data Sheet and complete one (all students) to bring back to school in the fall, and complete two if you're in honors classees.  AP students:  Language-read and complete the MWDS for #2, 9, and another of your choice.  Literature-read and complete the MWDS for #3, 4, and another of your choice.