• Career and Technical Programs

    Whiddon-Rogers Education Center offers a variety of career and technical programs for all student interests.  Students can continue in a post-secondary program or go directly into the workforce upon high school graduation

    • Criminal Justice

      Our Criminal Justice students can earn a Security Class D license and CPR/First Responder certification.  This enables them to pursue a career as a security guard, public service aide, security specialist, compliance officer, and many other security-related areas.  Students can also work for Protective Services.  Students in this program must be 18 years of age or older.

      Culinary Arts

      Culinary Arts students have the opportunity to earn the ServSafe Food Handler certification.  They participate in on-campus events by preparing and serving refreshments and meals.  Students can work in the restaurant and hotel industry with ServSafe. 

      Digital Design

      Students in this program can earn certification in Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  They can obtain a job as a photographer, graphic designer, website developer, and other digital fields.


      Students learn about the hospitality industry in this program.  They can earn the ServSafe Food Manager certification and obtain jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry.  Jobs include hotel registration, hotel operations, banquet manager, and other positions in hotels.

      Information Technology

      There are 3 certifications that can be earned in this program.  They are Microsoft Technology Associate for Windows OS, Networking Fundamentals, and Security Fundamentals.  With any or all of these certifications, students can work in the IT area in jobs such as network manager, Windows manage, and IT security.

      Music Technology

      Students in our music program can learn about several careers in the industry including disc jockey, music technician, sound mixer, recorder, and other areas.  Students in the disc jockey class will also learn how to set up and run their own DJ business.

      Television Production

      In this program, students learn and can earn certification in Adobe Premiere Pro.  They will be able to obtain a job as a film editor, video editor, camera operator, teleprompter operator, videographer, and other related areas.


      Students learn about the education profession and how they can assist teachers.  Students in this program have the opportunity to take the ParaPro certification test, which qualifies them to be a teacher assistant or teacher aide.


      Students will learn core business principals, including how to launch and maintain a successful company.  The concepts learned in this program will prepare students to operate a small business, regardless of the type of business.