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Transportation Information

Our Magnet transportation zone is from the Broward/Palm Beach county line, south to Commercial Boulevard. Students are accepted into grades where there are seats available. 

General Information

    • Students should arrive at the assigned bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before the published bus stop time.
    • Students that are nine (9) years of age or younger should be escorted to the bus stop by a responsible adult. Parents/Guardians should assure that students dress appropriately for the weather, rain gear for inclement conditions, proper footwear for walking to and from and waiting at the bus stop.
    • The bus stop and the school bus are considered an extension of the classroom and students are expected to observe the same code of discipline expected in the school classroom.
    • Students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew gum while on the school bus.
    • Students are expected to abide by the school bus operator's instructions while boarding the bus, on the bus and when departing the bus, at the bus stop or school location.

Broward School Board Policy 5300 allows for a student otherwise not eligible for transportation to ride if there is a seat available on route (s) that serve the school. After October 1 of each school year “Empty Seat Applications” are processed through the student’s school of attendance.

If you have any request for transporation or bus concerns, please submit at the following link or contact us at 754-322-6250.