Partnership Information

  • Equity & Diversity works with individuals, companies, nonprofits, and other organizations to address the complex challenges our students face. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, and in-kind support help our students achieve the academic and lifelong success they deserve.

    In addition to its cornerstone District Mentoring Program, which is open to anyone interested in mentoring public school students, Broward County Public Schools also supports a variety of partnership mentoring organizations that provide mentors for our students. Each partnership mentoring program falls under the umbrella of the Broward County Public Schools District Mentoring Program; however, these programs recruit and train mentors to support students and schools that have been specifically identified to receive the individual program’s services.

    While mentors participating in partnership mentor programs must comply with the Broward County Public School application and security clearance process, the supported mentoring organizations work directly with the mentor, review program applications and make decisions regarding acceptance in the program, school assignments and student matches. The services provided by the partnership mentoring programs extend the capacity of the District to meet the needs of the many students who can benefit from being paired with a mentor.

    Whether it is matching college students with youngsters who are struggling with math and reading, providing young girls with access to successful, interesting women or matching mentees with a caring adult to fill a void in the child’s life, these programs are important assets. Some students who participate in the featured mentoring programs may qualify for scholarships to pursue post-secondary education opportunities.

  • America Reads/America Counts – Nova Southeastern University

    Specialization: Nova Southeastern University (NSU) students mentor one-on-one with elementary school students who are not performing at grade level. Selected schools work collaboratively with NSU students to develop activities that stimulate learning and reward accomplishments.

    Karen Rockey, Coordinator
    PH: 954-262-8699

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Broward, Inc

    Specialization: Big Brothers Big Sisters Bigs in Schools is a one-on-one mentoring opportunityfor adults and college students who meet with a child for one hour a week during school hours or during aftercare hours. Mentors may help with homework, play fames have fun and be a friend. Big Brothers Big Sisters also operates mentoring programs in select schools that target specific populations of students such as Muertes Latinas at Indian Ridge Middle school which pairs professional immigrant women with young girls with similar cultural backgrounds.

    Ofelia DeLuca
    PH: 954-453-3724


  • Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida

    Specialization: Mental Health Association Listen To Children (LTC) mentoring program promotes mental health through active listening and prevention. LTC mentors serve as non-judgmental adult friends at weekly one-on-one meetings where they engage children through play and conversation. This program model helps enhance children’s self-esteem, improve their communication skills and assist in teaching other skills such as decision making and problem solving.

    Helen Leitch, Children’s Services Director
    PH: 954-746-2055

  • Reading Pals Mentoring and Early Literacy Program

    Specialization: Reading Pals is a United Way of Broward County and Broward County Public Schools collaborative effort to increase student reading proficiency with the goal of ensuring that students are reading at grade level by third grade. Mentors work one on one with pre-K and early elementary students reading to/with them for ½ to 1 hour per week. Students participating in the program receive up to 16 books to take home in addition to summer reading kits.

    Adriana LeCorgne, Coordinator
    PH: 954-453-3742


  • Take Stock in Children Mentor and Scholarship Program

    Specialization: Take Stock in Children’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low income, academically qualified students by providing opportunities for post-secondary education. TSIC offers college scholarships to students who are matched with adult mentors who meet one-on-one with students in middle and high school providing support and guidance that prepares them for academic and personal success.

    Carrie Garcia, Mentor Coordinator
    PH: 954-201-7846


  • Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program

    Specialization: Women of Tomorrow is about women helping women and its program model is unique and effective. Highly accomplished professional women meet with small groups of at-risk girls in public high schools one a month to discuss ways to overcome obstacles and provide skills for success. Participating students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through provided WOT.

    Benjamin Peters, Program Coordinator, Broward & Palm Beach Counties
    PH: 305-371-3331